The government controlled China Central Television network has called the location tracking feature on the iPhone, using iOS 7, a 'national security concern', claiming that people who might access that data could discover "state secrets".

The claims, which were made earlier today, could represent the first salvo in a state-run campaign against Apple and the iPhone, which currently has just eight percent of the smartphone market share in that country. The statements added that Apple would have to "take on any legal responsibilities" if leaks from the location tracking feature cause harm.

This is not the first time the state-run media in China has been openly critical of Apple. In 2013, it claimed Chinese iPhone owners were not getting the same treatment, compared to other countries, in terms of its warranty and repair policies. The criticism generated a rare apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who promised changes to the company's policies in China.

What do you think of these latest attack on Apple by the Chinese government?

Source: Wall Street Journal