As the iPhone bandies around the world, many Wall Street analysts have been wondering when China Mobile would be invited to join the likes of O2, T-Mobile and Orange to the exclusive iPhone party.

Well, according to dBTechno, it might be sooner than we think.

As exciting as this news could be for Apple, what with 350 some odd million China Mobile customers helping reach Steve Jobs imposed 10 million iPhone goal, there are potential pitfalls that could stagnate the deal. For one, the price point might be out of reach for the average Chinese citizen who would have to make 2 month’s salary to even purchase an iPhone. And that’s not even counting foreign carrier’s exorbitant and limited data costs.

But with a reported 400,000 unlocked iPhones currently in use on China Mobile (not even counting all the knock-offs), there is undoubtedly a market for iPhones. And to imagine the possibilities of a real live, breathing, fingerprint free iPhone in the hands of 350 million ready-to-buy consumers has got to make Apple stockholders seeing green.