iPhone 5s

According to a ZDNet report, consumers aren't content with discounts offered by Apple when looking to trade-in their old products for the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or other hardware by the company:

"One woman in Shanghai was 'stunned' to learn that her old iPhone 4 was only worth $40 credit to Apple's products, according to a Sina news report. In China, the 16G iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, and iPhone 5s are officially priced at 6,088 yuan ($973), 5,288 yuan ($846) and 4,488 yuan ($718), respectively.

Apple is adopting a unified trade-in price for iPhones of the same generation in China, regardless of the memory sizes and conditions, as it still offers up to $240 even if it is a "new" iPhone 5s, according to the report."

What's interesting about the report is that prices offered by Apple are reportedly far lower than what consumers can receive from the recycling market. Apple offers around $240 for the iPhone 5s, $80 for the iPhone 4S and just $40 for the iPhone 4. ZDNet cites latest data showing substantial differences between the two, with private outlets offering up to $176 for the iPhone 4S.

Source: ZDNet