iMac (Late 2009)

China, like France and Korea wants in on the larger screen iRumors, and is certainly willing to raised the stakes -- in addition to a 9.7" iTablet, China Times is also saying Apple plans a 22" multi-touch iMac.

Apple will outsource production of the 22-inch model to Quanta, with Taiwan-based Sintek Photronic supplying the touchscreen panels

There have been touch-enabled Windows displays for a while. The thrill of the interactivity, however, has been tempered by the simple fact that it's tiring to hold your arms up and gesture a lot on a giant display. This is presumably why Apple has so far integrated multi-touch into their MacBook trackpads rather than their screens, and into the Magic Mouse rather than into the iMac display (don't get us started on why they haven't simply offered an iMac trackpad peripheral or better yet -- a Magic Mouse app for the iPhone!)

It's hard enough imagining a consistently comfortable usage paradigm for an iTablet (how do you hold it to type, to watch a long movie, to read a long novel, etc.), harder still to riddle it out for an iMac display -- unless Apple plans for it to be an occasional-use method, a bonus for of interactivity.

Of course, Apple hasn't announced any of this yet, but speculating about rumors is fun, especially when it involves technology from the iPhone, that could expand or be returned to the 4th gen iPhone. So let us know what you think.

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