circadia for iPhone and iPad

I've been sucked into yet another puzzle game - this time it's Circadia. For me, what makes a puzzle game great is if the objective is very simple, yet achieving that goal is challenging, but not impossible. Circadia has found the perfect balance.

Each level has a constellation of colored dots. Each color is assigned a sound so that when you tap the dot, a circle grows around it with the dot as its center. It's as if the circle represents a sound wave leaving its origin. Not all colors are treated equal, however; the circles for lower notes grow slower than for high notes.

The goal? Get the color bursts to converge on the white dot at the same time.

Simple premise, yet very challenging. Circadia does a great job of easing the player into more challenging levels, but not at a snail's pace that makes you lose interest. It wasn't long before I was working on levels that included three colored dots per level. These were pretty challenging, but then Circadia went and scaled it back down to only two colored dots -- and a moving white dot. Moving! Screenshots show that Circadia does eventually introduce 2 white dots into the levels and I'm willing to bet there's a level set with both dots moving.

Oh, and did I mention that the simplicity and vivid colors make this a very visually stunning app?

I made it to level 40 before deciding that I needed to stop and write this review. If you pick this one up, I'd love to hear how far you get!

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