Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth will be coming to OS X later this year. While the turn-based grand strategy game releases this Friday, October 24 for Windows, Beyond Earth will make planetfall on OS X Holiday 2014. Publisher 2K and developer Aspyr have not given a more specific date at this time.

Beyond Earth is built on the same engine that powered the previous game, Civilization V. Player will move their explorers and build their settlements on a hexagonal grid. Beyond Earth sees you leaving our world to explore a new one.

The game retains many of the familiar Civilization features, while also bringing in new elements. For instance, instead of selecting famous world leaders and societies, players will now choose the group that backed their flight, what kind of ship they used, along with who and what they brought with them on their expedition. Beyond Earth also features a new kind of tech web, instead of the linear tech trees of the previous games. A new orbital layer allows you to deploy satellites have military, economic, and scientific capabilities.

According to Aspyr, the company bringing Beyond Earth to OS X, the game will require OS X Yosemite. You can pre-order the Mac version with a Steam Code purchased through Aspyr's GameAgent website.

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Source: Aspyr