Classic Monty Python sketch, The Ministry of Silly Walks, is now a brand new game for your iPhone and iPad. Available now from the App Store, Ministry of Silly Walks is basically an endless runner styled in the unique fashion of Monty Python. If you're a fan of the show, you're going to love it.

You play the role of John Cleese, and you have to silly walk as far as you can all the while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles like birds, post boxes and spilled tea. The further you go the faster you walk and the harder it gets. Nothing new in the game mechanics, but come on, it's Monty Python!

As you earn your coins you can spend them in the in-game store on new – and ridiculous suits – and boosts to help you silly walk ever further. It's full of words like "twaddle" and "spiffing" and the soundtrack will make any fans smile. Sure, you'll enjoy it all the more if you're a fan of the show so if it sounds like your sort of thing hit the link up top and hand over your $0.99.

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