Clean up your Mac's hard drive with Washing Machine 2014

Intego has announced Washing Machine 2014, a utility for cleaning up your Mac's hard drive. Washing Machine analyses your hard drive and finds files that haven't been used in a long time and deletes them, freeing up space. It also finds duplicate files and asks the user which one it should keep.

Washing Machine also helps you organize your Mac. The app can create smart folders to better organize files and apps. It cleans up your desktop as well, moving files to an appropriate Folder or the trash, depending on your settings. Washing Machine can organize your dock, showing you which apps you actually use the most, so you can move those apps to the dock, and remove the ones you use the least away.

A free trial of Washing Machine can be downloaded from Intego's website. The trial will scan your hard drive and tell you how much space can be reclaimed and how many duplicate files you have. The full version will give you access to Washing Machine's cleaning features. A single license, good for one Mac, will cost $29.99, while a license for two Macs costs $49.99, and a 5-Mac license costs $79.99. Washing Machine is Mavericks-ready.