Clear adds support for Spotlight search on iOS 9

Clear, the to-do list app from Realmac Software, has been updated to version 1.7.3, becoming more Proactive in the process. Your lists will begin showing up in Spotlight searches on iOS 9, depending on your usage of Clear.

You can check out all of the changes in the list below.

  • We've added support for the new Proactive features on iOS 9 - as you use Clear (and we think you should!) instead of describing the app's contents as simply "Clear", we let iOS 9 know the name of your lists so that you can do things like ask Siri to "remind me about this". It also means that, as you use Clear, list names will start to appear in Search results on your devices.
  • There's some changes behind the scenes that have no effect on your use of Clear (we've just updated Clear to use the shiny new version of the Swift programming language).

Thanks for using Clear!

Just like with Background App Refresh, Search results may vary based on your usage of Clear.

Clear 1.7.3 can be found on the App Store right now.

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