BadgeClear jailbreak app

Despise notification icons on your apps but not sure how to quickly get rid of them? Disabling them completely is one thing, but being able to selectively clear them when you've reached the point of overload is another. Luckily, there's a Jailbreak app for that and we're going to tell you about it, after the break!

BadgeClear is pretty much made for people who despise icon badges. Until iOS 5 drops (and a jailbreak for it), we don't have the option to disable badges for every single app -- Apple doesn't allow you to clear badges for a lot of default apps like Mail -- but if you're jailbroken, BadgeClear makes it easy to clear any and all app icon badges with just a few taps.

Just hold down any icon until they start jiggling (just like you would to delete an app) and tap on the badge you'd like to clear. BadgeClear will ask you if you want to clear it and just tap yes.

This is nice for annoying apps that have badges for no reason really. I have a couple of those. My banking app always sends me push notifications about 10 days too late and leaves an annoying little badge. This is much easier than digging through the app and viewing the notifications. Any apps you have this may be useful for?

$0.99 - Cydia Search Link

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