Great Butts

Clear Sky Apps is well-known for the variety of fitness apps available on the App Store, including the likes of Couch to 5K Runner, and the company is today launching some new offerings. As well as releasing four new apps tailored specifically for women, the company has rebranded itself to Fitness22.

The company aimed to create a unique series of apps for women to download and take full advantage of. Great Butts, Great Legs, Great Abs, and 7-Minute Workout are the latest apps from Fitness22. The apps offer personalized workout programs that boast requiring little time commitment, but offer quick results.

A neat part of each app is that no equipment is required, and you only require 10 minutes 3 times a week, which is hardly a difficult schedule to maintain. The apps sport detailed exercises and high-quality videos to ensure you're making the most of available support.

You can find the new Fitness22 apps on the App Store:

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