CloudMagic, the developers behind one of our favorite email apps for iPhone, have released a version of their app for OS X. And just like the iPhone and iPad app, CloudMagic for Mac seeks to provide a straightforward way to manage your email.

At first glance, CloudMagic seems like a very minimal email client, because in part, it is. The reading and compose windows are pared down in order to give you a more focused experience for each. You can choose to view a unified inbox with all of your accounts, or look at each account individually. When viewing an individual inbox, you can also select the menu in the top left corner to access all other folders and sections of that account, such as sent mail, trash, and archive.

CloudMagic makes it easy to decide what to do with a single click. Hover your cursor over a message to see the controls for delete, archive, and mark as unread, letting you manage your emails right from your inbox, without the need to open the messages themselves. You can also easily select multiple items by clicking the check mark on a message's left side and dragging over multiple items. Finally, you can also filter emails, clicking the two buttons at the top to select between the Starred and Unread views.

There are other small, but still powerful and useful features. CloudMagic for Mac supports Handoff to and from the iOS app, along with features like Remote Wipe. The app also has a number of useful keyboard shortcuts.

Just like its little brother on the iPhone and iPad, CloudMagic for Mac supports a wide variety of email services, including iCloud, Gmail, and standard IMAP. It also has full support for Exchange, including ActiveSync and EWS.

You can find CloudMagic for Mac exclusively on the Mac App Store right now. For more information, you can check out the CloudMagic website.

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