Third-party email app CloudMagic has introduced a new way to get to know who's sending you email with Sender Profiles. Just tap the sender's name at the top of a message, and a card pops up with their picture, email address, and other information. The app has also added support for the iPad Pro, along with Split View and Slide Over multitasking in iOS 9.

CloudMagic's Sender Profiles fill you in on your contacts

Here's what you'll get with CloudMagic 7.11.24:

Introducing Sender Profile

  • Know more about the people who email you, right inside a conversation.
  • Get job title, organization info, location, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter profiles and more.

  • iPad Pro support with multitasking - Yes, we heard you!

  • Mark as Spam - Because we hate spam just as much as you do
  • Spotlight Search - Save time by searching for emails directly from Spotlight Search.
  • Support for new languages - Swedish, Norwegian, Ukrainian and Polish
  • Removed support for iOS 7 - CloudMagic now works with iOS 8 and above.

Note that Sender Profile is only available with an in-app subscription purchase. That purchase is normally $49.99 per year, but right now, CloudMagic is offering it at an introductory price of $24.99 for the year. You can grab this update to CloudMagic from the App Store now.

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