Today AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson spoke with CNBC in a lengthy interview. Discussed first was the relationship AT&T has with Apple and how the iPad is doing in the business sector.

"I think this is going to be really a significant product for enterprise. You think about, you know, our objective is just to mobilize everything. Whether it's in the home or the workplace, this is a device that really lets you think differently about mobilizing all of the applications that you see in business. And we're getting a strong interest from our large business customers on bringing this device into their environments, and whether it's working with the salesforce, whether it's order takers, any number of areas, are really excited about bringing this device in."

Skipping near the end of the interview Stephenson touches on AT&T's network improvements - mainly in New York.

"The uptake and the demand was dramatic, and there are particular markets like New York. The demand was really impressive, and it had an effect on voice quality. We have been going hard at the voice quality issue in New York, and made tremendous progress. And so, we're getting to a point where voice quality is getting to where it should be, and mobile broadband is the fastest in the nation. as measured by any number of independent people."

So how about it New Yorkers, has the quality of your service increased or are you still stuck with dropped call after dropped call? Sound off in the comments below!

It's too bad nobody brought up the question about the iPhone 4 launch issues that are still continuing as of right now. To be fair to AT&T though, Sprints whole system was shut down from the EVO launch for a few hours. How many EVO's were sold on launch? Now compare that to the amount of iPhone 4 pre-orders were happening today (presumably a much higher number).

Apple needs to get on more than one network in the US.

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