I don't know about you, but I just can't get enough of pointless product comparisons. It's like watching a building burn to the ground. They have a certain hypnotic effect that seizes your attention and keeps you fixated on each biased point. So it comes as no surprise when major media companies engage in lame attempts to grab our eyeballs with idiotic iPhone vs. insert something here as a way of generating ad revenue. Hey, someone has to click on those Google ads to keep the lights on.

Enter C|Net. Editor Veronica Bellmont compares iPhone to the heavy weight champ from Finland, the Nokia N95. As usual, the points are all quite valid but lack relevance. People who want a Nokia N95 don't want an iPhone, and vice versa. So why the hell compare these two phones? Why not compare the iPhone to a toaster oven while you're at it? After all, iPhone can't make toast, and who doesn't enjoy a warm buttered slice of toast? sigh

Anyway, if you're feeling bored feel free to click the link below and waste several minutes of your life. I did!