We have seen quite a few iPhone controlled helicopters appearing over the last few years, but the iHelicopter is taking it to an all new level. The iHelicopter can now launch missiles as it flys as it has two rockets loaded on each side. The range is a reasonably impressive two metres and all you have to do is aim and fire!

Point, press the fire button and targets within 2 meters will be hit! Besides being a rocket launching sharpshooter the Cobra iHelicopter is very detailed and looks exactly like real Cobra Helicopters.

The app is available as a free download and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It offers three channels of communication which enables you to have three helicopters flying around at the same time; so in air battles with your friends is possible too. The iHelicopter comes in at $69.95 plus shipping, not too much to pay to wake the kids up in the morning or terrorize your neighbors cat!

Source: iHelicopters via 9to5 Mac