Comcast has announced that it is now rolling outs its AnyPlay service which is a small device that will allow you to watch your home Comcast TV channels on your iPad and other WiFi enabled displays.

With AnyPlay, you can watch the channels that are included in your linear channel subscription through the Xfinity TV app on the iPad, and very soon the Motorola Xoom™ tablet. This means that while someone else watches a program in the living room, for example, you can watch another show on your iPad from the backyard deck, kitchen or other places around the home.

The AnyPlay device works like any other setup box however instead of delivering the available channels via a cable to your TV, it delivers them to your WiFi router which can then distribute the secure video to your iPad. Your iPad has to be connected to your home network to view the stream; no access is available from outside your home. Comcast's existing Xfinity TV app is used to view the Live TV channels.

AnyPlay is available free of charge for Xfinity HD Triple Play customers but only in Denver and Nashville at the moment; Comcast plan to add more markets in the coming months.

Source: Comcast

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