Curious how to use the new iOS 4.2 AirPlay feature to play the movies you shot on your iPhone on the bigger Apple TV screen? Unfortunately, Apple didn't include this functionality. You can still do it. Sort of. But it's a very kludgy and annoying work around. Check it out after the break!

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, the original tip below provides audio-only output with no video support. I initially thought this was a bug -- had to be a bug -- but no. Updated tip after the break!

UPDATE 2: More on AirPlay and what does and doesn't work...

AirPlay won't play movies from the Photo app camera roll. There's either a weird hardware limitation or a terribly unfortunate software limitation at work here. If you want to play your home movies, here's what you have to do:

  • Sync the video from your iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC.
  • Load the video into iTunes
  • Sync the video back to your iPhone (or iPod touch or iPad)
  • Go to the iPod app (iPhone) or Video app (iPod touch or iPad)
  • Play the video
  • Tap AirPlay

Which pretty much defeats the convenience and cool factor of AirPlay, doesn't it?

If all you want to do is play the audio for some reason, you can try this:

  • Tap the video to start playing it
  • Double click the Home Button to reveal the multitasking dock
  • Double swipe to the left, past the first set of widgets, to find the AirPlay controls
  • Tap the AirPlay button to bring up a list of available devices, including your Apple TV
  • Tap on Apple TV

It may work or may just do nothing. Seriously. Sigh.

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