Football season is upon us again and with it comes the need for score updates, player stats, rosters, and other information hardcore fans want in the palm of their hands. For iPhone users, you've got tons of options when it comes to apps. Whether you just want to check score updates or check on your favorite fantasy football league. Follow along for our top picks.

ESPN ScoreCenter

ScoreCenter is by far one of the most popular sports apps in the App Store. Not only does it contain support for NFL but other sports as well. You can follow your favorite teams and choose to receive push notifications for a variety of different things. You can set alerts for individual games or for a whole season which is nice for people who may not want updates for games they're able to watch. They can just set them for games they know they're going to miss.

I like the fact that ScoreCenter allows you to follow all your teams and see a brief summary in one place. If you just want to check scores and stats quickly you won't have to dig around. But you have the option to see more detailed information if you want to.

ScoreCenter is a free download in the App Store.

[Free - App Store Link]

ESPN Fantasy Football 2011

For those of you that take part in fantasy football leagues, ESPN also offers an app for fantasy leagues as well. You'll need to already have a fantasy league to use this app but once you have one, you can use the app to manage the following aspects of your fantasy league -

  • Start, bench, add, or drop players
  • Accept or reject trades
  • Receive push notifications for scores, substitutions, and trades

The app also allows you to view fantasy league news as well. It's also a free download in the App Store.

[Free - App Store Link]

Pro Football Insider

If you want to view more than just stats, scores, rosters, and rankings - you may prefer Pro Football Insider. It contains not only the information you'd expect but thousands of video clips, updated news and rumors, and even more.

One thing I really found interesting about this app over the others was the integrated Twitter feed which aggregates Twitter postings from not only industry experts but players themselves.

If you're a Pro Football Insider subscriber you'll also have access to even more premium content that the free app doesn't provide. This is an app any hardcore football fan will want to pick up.

[Free - App Store Link]

NFL '11

While I didn't find NFL '11 to be as in depth as some of the other picks, the ease of use and simple to navigate interface somewhat makes up for that. If you need an app that will give you up to date game information along with player stats, rosters, and statistics - NFL '11 should suit you well.

You can customize alerts for teams and games just as you can in some of the other popular apps such as ESPN ScoreCenter. NFL '11 also offers integration with their Fantasy Football 2011 service and app. Most fantasy football fans I talked to seemed to prefer the ESPN fantasy app better but if you prefer the NFL fantasy app, this pairing may be a better option for you.

[Free - App Store Link]

NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2011

Here's another app fantasy football leaguers will definitely want to check out. Not only does it aggregate up to date NFL news, standings, and charts - it's one of the better apps out there for managing your fantasy leagues.

Out of the apps I checked out for fantasy football fans, this app seemed to have the best user interface by far. You can quickly view profiles and stats by simply swiping left and right. Other apps sometimes left stats buried and harder to get to. This app is put together exceptionally well and will make managing your content easier than ever.

Some of the main features of the app include the following and much, much more -

  • Custom rankings based on your league scoring system
  • 2011 projections and stats based on data from 2007 - 2010
  • Team depth charts
  • Rank players manually
  • Draft player tracking

[$2.99 - App Store Link]

While these may be some of our favorite apps to load up on our iOS devices during football season, it doesn't mean there aren't other great ones out there. If you use something different let us know what your picks are as well. Special thanks to ‎@jlew0451, @EckStrm, @Wrnglr, and everyone else who helped out by telling us their favorite football apps!

And if you want even more suggestions on football or NFL apps, check out our TiPb apps & games forum for more opinions from forum members. You can also give us your opinions on your favorite sports apps in our TiPb apps & games review forum. We'd love to hear from you!