iPhone or iPad feeling kind of sluggish or an app freezing up on you and wondering how to manually force-quit multitasking apps to free up memory? iOS 5 does a great job automatically pausing or killing background tasks, but once and a while a big game, rogue process, or similar situation can drain resources or tie up memory. Luckily, iOS 5 makes it easy to quit these apps any time you like.

  1. Double click the Home button to bring up the multitasking Fast App Switcher.
  2. Touch-and-hold an app to put it into 'jiggly mode'.
  3. Tap the red minus-sign icon that appears at the top left corner of the app.
  4. Watch the app close and disappear from the Fast App Switcher.
  5. Hit the Home button again to exit jiggly mode.
  6. Hit the Home button one more time to return to your Home Screen.

That's it! Next time you notice you're iPhone or iPad is acting strangely or running slower than normal, just close a few of the apps you have running in the background. Problem solved!

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