Find my iPhone is a great way to track lost or stolen devices. Once you've got the service set up and configured you're pretty much good to go. But what if you want to delete an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac from Find my iPhone? You will have a need to do this if you ever upgrade and sell your old device, have to swap something out for a new one at the Apple Store, or had a repair done that changed the identifier on the logic board.

So if you've got an entire clutter of devices in your account and some of them aren't even active anymore, we can help you clear those out so you only see the ones that matter right now. Follow along and we'll get it done together.

  1. Go to on your Mac or PC.
  2. Log in to your iCloud account.
  3. On the main screen, click on Find my iPhone.
  4. Now click on the Devices menu in the top left hand corner and click on the device you'd like to remove.
  5. At the very bottom of the page, there is a link you'll want to click. It is labeled Remove from Find my iPhone.
  6. It'll ask you to confirm that you'd like to remove the selected device from your Find my iPhone account. Click on Remove to confirm.
  7. That's all there is to it. That device won't show up in Find my iPhone any longer unless you re-enable it on the device itself.