How to manage Notification Center alertts and Do Not Disturb for iPhone and IPad

Today on Talk Mobile we're talking about whether or not we have trouble putting down our smartphones. How connected we are nowadays by a device that fits in the palm of our hands can sometimes make us forget about real life going on around us.

The iPhone and iPad both have notification options that can make separating our real world lives and digital lives a little more manageable. Let's take a look at how Notification Center and Do Not Disturb mode can help.

Notification Center

Notification Center is where you can dictate what apps can give you either audible notifications or popup notifications. Not only can making changes to Notification center save you battery life, it can also help keep you in check when it comes to how often you're on your iPhone by letting you prioritize what's really important.

Disabling lock screen notifications not only enhances privacy, but keeps you from continually looking at your iPhone's screen every time it lights up. I've managed to spend less time on my iPhone and more time with the people around me by simply tweaking what notifications I really need to know about and which ones can wait until I have a spare minute.

Do Not Disturb mode

With iOS 6 Apple brought Do Not Disturb mode to both iPhone and iPad. This feature allows you to disable alerts between certain times altogether and only let through important items such as phone calls from favorites.

Not only can you simply toggle it on whenever you'd like, you can set it to auto turn on during certain times every day. I've found setting Do Not Disturb mode for the evening when I'd like to spend time with my family is a great way to make sure I'm not spending more time with my iPhone than I am the people around me. It's been a big help when it comes to relaxing and de-stressing after a long work day.

Your notification setup

All of us have different priorities which means vastly different settings when it comes to notifications. Let us know below what you do when you need to disconnect from your digital life and pay attention more to real life. Do you use Do Not Disturb mode and Notification Center or do you shut your iPhone off altogether?

Make sure to check out the conversation going on over at Talk Mobile and let us know how much trouble you have putting down your smartphone. Is it a problem in your home and what do you do to solve it?