One of the many visual changes made in iOS 7 over that which came before it is to the font. Slimmer, lighter, and altogether more delicate, there are as many who hate it as there are who love it. For many, a legitimate concern is that the new font is more difficult to read. It doesn't matter how nice it may look if you're strugging to read what's written. Fortunately, a little of the pre-iOS 7 font can be brought back to life. Here's how.

  1. The first thing you need to do is open up the settings app.
  2. Then you're wanting General > Accessibility
  3. About half way down you'll find the options for on-screen text. If you wish, you're able to increase the physical size of the font, but the one we're looking for here is just below this, labelled "Bold Text."

Toggling this on will prompt a confirmation message that your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will need to restart to apply. If you're happy, hit continue, wait for things to reboot and you'll notice the difference immediately.

The app labels on the homescreen now look a lot closer to the old-look font from iOS 6, and this is repeated throughout apps and settings menus on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. That's all there is to it. Give it a go, and do tell us if it makes your iOS 7 experience a little better!