Comparing iPad calendar apps at a glance

Earlier this week, I compared the default views of 12 popular iPhone calendar apps, and since sometimes good things also come in bigger packages, now it's time for the iPad. No surprise here, but as with the 5 iPad podcast apps, 18 iPad weather apps, and 9 iPad Twitter apps, not all iPhone calendar apps have versions or interfaces for the iPad. We get 10 this time.

And.. they're a mixed bag. A few of them bring iPad style and grace to their calendar interfaces. Most are pretty good. One looks like no designer really cared to do much design. As with the iPhone versions, that might be because there's a split between apps designed for iOS users, and for users who prefer functionality over form in the best old Windows Mobile sense of the word...

Here they are, in order:

iPad calendar app screens

Those are just the default view, one of many offered by each app. Most offer a combination of year, month, day, and list view, as well as a host of other, sometimes distinct features. For a more in-depth look, check out our full reviews.

Meanwhile, check out the screenshots above and let me know if any of the calendar apps jump out at you. Any of them look good enough that you'd consider switching to them?

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