Comparing iPad podcast apps at a glance

Earlier this week, I compared the player screens of 6 popular iPhone podcast apps, and since fair-is-fair, now it's the iPad's turn. Like with the 18 iPad weather apps and 9 iPad Twitter apps, not all iPhone podcasting apps have versions or interfaces for the iPad. However, in this case we're 5 for six. Not bad.

The players seem split on how they handle the larger iPad screen real-estate. Some just get bigger. Others go multi-colum. The bigger ones look better. The multi-column ones arguably function faster. And, as usual, it's interesting to see how the same basic control needs get expressed differently in the different apps, and how they range from simplicity to complexity.

Here, in order, from top left to bottom right, are:

  1. Podcasts, Instacast 3
  2. Downcast, iCatcher
  3. RSSRadio

iPad podcast apps player screens

There are other factors to consider when comparing podcast apps, of course. How good and quick the experience is for finding, subscribing, and playing podcasts, whether there's sync for multiple devices, how well show notes are handled, and more.

For now, look over the designs above and let me know what you think. Which podcast apps do you use, and are they the same ones that appeal to you most in the comparison above? Any of the players attractive enough they encourage you to give them a shot?

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