How to Update iPhone

Apple introduced the original iPhone 2G and 1.0 software in 2007. In 2008 that same hardware received the iPhone 2.0 update. This year, that same hardware again received the iPhone 3.0 update. A few quibbles about hardware specific lapses aside (video, MMS, A2DP), Apple has provided an unprecedented level of free updates to previous generation devices.

In a post-iPhone smartphone landscape, we've pretty much come to take these free updates for granted, and it's hard to remember the old days when other manufacturers basically treated their older models as abandonware. We've even come to take them for granted on other platforms like Android's 1.5 Cupcake and Palm's webOS 1.1 update.

Our sibling sites remind us, however, that maybe we'll all face a rude awakening one day.

First up, Android Central reports on the ongoing "will they or won't they" confusion over whether the first Android device, the less than one year old T-Mobile G1, has enough storage to even be able to load future updates like Donut or Eclair (best. codenames. ever.).

Meanwhile, WMExperts takes us down the long and winding path of whether or not yet-to-be-released Windows Mobile 6.5 devices will be upgradable to yetter-to-be-released Windows Mobile 7 at some point (which will be built on a newer version of the WinCE platform).

Again, iPhone 2G owners -- we at TiPb included -- have enjoyed 2.0 and 3.0 updates over 2 years, maybe 4.0 will work to some degree or another in 2010, but we have to think at some point Apple will break compatibility with the original iPhone and when that happens -- how will users react? "Thanks for all the updates" or "you @$$#0!3$!"?