According to a study by Retrevo of more than 1000 randomly selected individuals, it seems as if the consumers interest in Apple's iPad has dwindled considerably since it was announced back on January 26th.

"As we like to say, it’s the apps that sell smartphones like the iPhone and it could very well be those same apps that motivate buyers to run down to the Apple Store and get in line to buy a shiny new iPad. Whether this device becomes a big hit is anyone’s guess but based on this study it sure looks doubtful."

Daring Fireball reminds us all to keep in mind Retrevo's not so perfect track record so take their latest survey with a heavy grain of salt. With that being said, Retrevo found that 52 percent of participants have heard of Apple's latest creation, but are not interested in making the purchase. While another 18 percent said they had not heard of the iPad and also were not interested. At least things are looking better for iPad in the business sector.

While most analysts believe the iPad will be a moderate success at launch, one can't help but wonder what will happen if some of those missing features such as multitasking turn up before the product launches, or in an iPhone 4.0 OS update shortly thereafter...