I'd do the same thing I offered to do for a BlackBerry Storm: try using one. Believe me, for someone who's mellow has been 100% de-harshened by the iPhone, that's a contest ender.

Luckily for all of us, I'm not allowed to enter our sibling site, PreCentral.net's awesome new Palm Pre contest. But maybe YOU can!

Think you have what it takes to win a FREE Palm Pre? Time to put up or shut up! PreCentral.net is giving away FIVE Palm Pre Phones the day that the Palm Pre is released. In addition, we're sweetening the deal by making them into full-on Palm Pre Packs, including:

  • A Palm Pre Smartphone on Sprint
  • A $100 Amazon Gift Card to fill your Pre up with music
  • A Touchstone Charging Station & Battery Cover
  • Any case from the PreCentral.net Accessory Store
  • A Set of Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones (A $99 value) to rock out with your Pre

If the qualifiers end up anywhere near as fantastic as last year's CrackBerry.com's Storm give-away, we should be in for some epic tattooed, mud wrasslin, paint-ball blasted, smartphone smashed, Palm Pre fun.

Kudos to PreCentral, and best of luck to all the contestants!