TiPb's curious -- how do you use the iPhone and/or iPad for your job?

We want some real life stories, some real world experience. We want to know what it's like to use the iPhone and/or iPad in your line of work (and yes, being a student or caregiver or stay-at-home parent or even... politician, counts as work!)

  1. Tell us what your job is.
  2. Give us a paragraph or two describing how you use your iPhone or iPad during your workday. Tell us the story.
  3. Share any tips or tricks you might have come across. What about the iPhone or iPad makes your job easier?
  4. List the top 5, must have apps you use to get that job done.

And... That's it!

We'll be picking one reply every week or two and including it in a post right on the front page of TiPb.com. If/when your post gets picked, not only do you get your name (or username) up in lights, you get a sweet $20 iTunes gift certificate for your trouble! And yes, we will prioritize based on how awesome, how funny, how tragic, how well written, how inspiring, how disappointing, -- generally how memorable your entry is. So bring it!

So what are you waiting for, tell us how you use your iPhone and/or iPad for your job?