Contrast launch Group Text+ and Email+ to make sharing with more people easier

Contrast, the developer behind Launch Center Pro, has released two new apps designed to make it easy to share with multiple people at once. Group Text+ and Email+ are an attempt by Contrast to make shortcuts accessible to a much broader audience.

Group Text+ and Email+ have essentially the same feature set, applied to two methods of communication. You can create groups of contacts, then tap a contact or group and the Compose button to start writing your message. You can share things like your location, what's on your clipboard, your current song, and canned messages. You can add text snippets for fast replies, and more. You can attach images from your camera, or GIFs from Giphy. Both apps also come with handy extensions to make sharing whatever you want to easier.

Both Group Text+ and Email+ are available on the App Store as universal apps for iPhone and iPad. They both normally cost $2.99, but Group Text+ is having a launch sale of $1.99 for a limited time.

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