Prezo is an iPhone photography app that lets you and your friends contribute to shared photo albums. This is perfect for groups of people that are at the same party, event or vacation.

If I wasn't already married, I'd totally encourage my guests to use this app during my wedding reception and have the photos displayed in real time on a projector.

Prezo, urban slang for "Presentation", is a social photo sharing app that allows multiple people to contribute to the same shared photo albums. Users create photo albums, called Prezos, and share them via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS. Other users can view and/or edit Prezos based on permissions set by the Prezo owner. Prezo owners and contributors are notified via push notifications when Prezos are changed. Prezos can also be viewed as slide presentations at


  • Being at a social or corporate event where users can contribute to a shared Prezo for the event while the Prezo is being shown in real time on a large projection screen.
  • Being on a vacation where all photos taken by anyone in your party are automatically shared with everyone else in your party. At the same time, people not on the trip can see your pictures in real time as they are taken by viewing the shared Prezo at
  • Creating a mobile portfolio or mobile sales presentation that can be viewed by customers and prospects.

...Prezo makes this all simple!

Prezo is available on the iPhone for free.

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