If you want to stop talking to Siri and just use your mind to ask it to do things, that possibility may have just become a step closer to reality. A couple of guys decided as a hobby, to tinker around with an iPhone 4S and some ECG (Electrocardiogram) pads. The ECG pads take brain wave patterns and translate them into synthesized speech. The speech is then directed through the 3.5mm headset jack and Siri hears it and acts on the command. The engineers working on “Project Black Mirror” have been able to link 25 brain wave patterns to Siri commands.

Now before we get too excited, you still need to press the home button to initiate a Siri listening mode and the project currently consists of a large test board hooked up to a Macbook pro; it could hardly be called portable. The guys plan on launching a Kickstarter page very soon to attract investment and get the project off the ground.

Take a look at the videos below and let us know what you think. There is a lot of buzz suggesting that the whole setup is a fake. To be honest, it does look too good to be true.

Source: Intomobile via 9to5Mac