Apple Campus 2

A construction worker has spoken to Business Insider, revealing that Apple's strict expectations of its new "Spaceship" headquarters – Apple Campus 2 – has completely raised building construction standards in the US. It's reported that the company has gone the extra mile by vetting, measuring and confirming everything that is being installed inside the new campus, even the stuff you won't see once it's complete.

Apple is also very hands-on, not leaving any part of the process up to assigned contractors. From the Business Insider report:

"Every piece of this building is engineered. In other words, everything has been looked at and vetted and measured and mocked up, from concrete to joints to rebar placements. Stuff you wouldn't even see when the building's done, so it's pretty amazing."

It's also reported that Apple employees have been assigned to specific sections of the new HQ, overseeing work carried out by contracted workers. Compared to working with other tech companies, the construction workers state that Apple is by far the more demanding company, but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone who follows Apple.

The company strives for perfection in almost anything it touches. Just take a look at any Apple Store.

Source: Business Insider