Converge USB charging hub for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

The Converge USB charging hub from Think Geek is a fun, futon-inspired stand for your iPhone, iPod tour or iPad. Working on an Apple mobile blog like iMore means you start to amass a lot of Apple mobile devices and even if I'm only using an iPhone and an iPad every day, keeping them both charged in an easy, elegant way has proven to be more of a challenge than I originally imagined. Converge looks like a great way to do just that.

Converge is the futon of charging hubs. Its white folds remind us of a bendy futon mattress, but it has the added feature of a slot to slip in charging cables. With the help of soft TPE grips, cables stay nestled out of sight behind Converge. Just plug the power source into your nearest outlet and you can charge up to 4 USB devices while they chill out on Converge's curvy frame.

Hiding cables beneath the fold of the Converge is a great idea, and including 4 USB charging outlets makes it great for power gadget users, couples, and even families who need to keep a lot of devices at the ready. And if you're cross-platform, it works with most other smartphones and tablets as well (though curiously not the Blackberry Torch, Blackberry Curve, or the Barnes & Noble Nook...?)

$39.99 - Buy now

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