Convergence: First our phones, now our furniture?

A phone. An internet communicator. A widescreen iPod. That's how Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, and since then one little device has gone on to replace so many single-purpose, single-tasking gadgets I'm starting to lose count. The iPhone is basically my mobile office in the palm of my hand. Apple didn't invent the concept of convergence, of course, but the smartphone category in general has really blazed the trail towards a multitasking future that few other things have followed.

Our cars still can't submerge or fly, and our kitchens involve moving from station to station, machine to machine, like an old-fashioned assembly line -- where are our replicators?

But it looks like furniture is slowly, almost stealthily creeping up on the future as well. Not as quickly as our iPhones and iPads mind you, and perhaps not as quickly as we'd like, but it's getting there.

A desk. A bed. A closet. That's what you'll see in the video below, and some pretty amazing tables and chairs and futuristic furniture in general. Of course, these are all manual transformers, nothing fancy like a Hasbro cartoon or Michael Bay movie, but check them out and let us know -- in another 5 to 10 years, is that the kind of stuff you envision yourself working, sleeping, and sitting on as you cyber-boot your iCommunicator or iHoloImplant? Maybe from orbit?