With Mobile World Congress kicking off in Barcelona, Spain this week, users of CoPilot Navigation for iOS are in for a treat. The navigation company is to unveil a bunch of new features to make the app even more user friendly and feature rich. Of particular interest is the new route learning feature, designed to help you get to work easier in the morning.

Sure we have Maps natively built into iOS - and that does a decent job – but it's always good that we have choices. So, breaking down CoPilot's latest additions:

CommuteMe: CommuteMe™ makes everyday driving quicker, easier and more predictable by intelligently learning a driver’s preferred route to and from work. It then automatically scans the route for traffic to avoid delays and provide an accurate estimated time of arrival. If a driver alters their preferred route, CommuteMe recognizes the change and proactively adapts.

ActiveRoutes: Ever wonder which route is the fastest at a particular time of day? ActiveRoutes™ intelligently answers this question. It uses actual road speed data and the time of the day to accurately predict the fastest route - any time of day and day of the week.

MirrorLink Connected Car Demo: CoPilot has long been ready for the connected car revolution and designed for safe, non-distracting in-car guidance. ALK will be demonstrating CoPilot running with MirrorLink™ at Mobile World Congress, in partnership with leading automotive solutions provider, HUML GmBh.

Sounds good to me. Once we can get our hands on the update we will be putting it to the test to give you our impressions. Do you think there is still room for dedicated satellite navigation apps on iOS, or is Apple/Google Maps all you ever need?