Could the iPhone 5s come in graphite? It's a possibility according to new leaked photos.

The photo above shows two button sets that most likely belong to the iPhone 5s. While the light gold color makes sense, the other middle set I wasn't so sure about. New part leaks this morning appear to show a lighter graphite - or steel gray to keep the metal theme going - colored housing for the iPhone 5s that just happens to match the buttons above. So, what does it mean?

To be clear, the two middle button sets are what we are concentrating on. The exterior two are simply the buttons used in the current iPhone 5 that are added for a good visual comparison. While I don't necessarily think Apple will release four models when it comes to the iPhone 5s, I also am not convinced the casing is a fake either. According to Sonny Dickson, who posted the leaked housing photos in graphite, this color will be available alongside black, white, and gold/champagne. That's where I think he may be wrong.

mendmyi managed to snag the photos of the button sets. They sent me the above image last week before posting their own theory about them. While I don't think black is going anywhere, I could possibly believe that they are altering the current black model.

We have known since the release of the iPhone 5 that Apple has had issues with quality control when it comes to anodizing black, or slate as they call it. Before I'd believe there are four potential models for the iPhone 5s, logic may dictate Apple is altering the current black and slate model. Or, perhaps, experimenting with alternatives.

I don't think we've heard anything about another color until now because it doesn't make sense. Whether or not gray replaces black is hard to say. Black is incredibly popular, but is also incredibly hard to anodize consistently. Apple may keep it, because of its popularity, or they may try to replace it for something that provides a better finished product. Time will tell.

Sources: mendmyi, Sonny Dickson