iPad Pro Split View

Apple's use of the term "Split View", a feature included in iOS 9, is being contested in the legal system in India. The Delhi High Court ruled this week that Apple can no longer use "Split View" to describe a feature in any of its products.

The India Times (via AppleInsider) reports that the case centers on a previous use of the term by Delhi-based software company Vyooh, which claimed the trademark on "SplitView" (one word) 10 years ago:

Splitsview has been a popular software that allows users to simultaneously work on multiple windows on the user's single computer screen. Apple has recently introduced an identical feature with even the same name, but has tweaked the user interface, the company claimed. Vyooh LLP and its promoter Rohit Singh had approached the court, alleging that they have developed the software programme which sold under the trademark 'SplitView'.

Apple has appealed the court's decision and will have to issue an official reply by May 9.