We already told you that Apple threw a brick-stuffed glove down on RIM's foot with their Enterprise plans during the iPhone Software Roadmap event. So it's only natural that it would be the topic du-jour for the next CrackBerry.com Podcast (iTunes link).

They invited yours-truly on to talk about the SDK and Apple's enterprise plans and it's a pretty comprehensive chat. Fun too -- even though I led us down a couple of somewhat unnecessary forays into Windows Mobile (hey, I still use and love that too).

Anyhow, if you're jonesing to hear what BlackBerry fans are thinking about the iPhone, it's definitely worth a listen. Also worth noting: if you're wanting to get all the Smartphone Experts podcasts (TreoCentral, CrackBerry.com, WMExperts, and Phone different) in a single feed, we have that up on iTunes now as well.

Podcast Episode 003 - RIM's New Enterprise Challenge | CrackBerry.com