For the love of Steve Jobs, leave Britney ehh... I mean the iPhone alone!

Back at the end of July, Casey reported on white iPhones having issues with the plastic housing cracking in certain areas. As most of you are probably aware of, there have been a few lawsuits filed against Apple regarding the iPhone 3G.

This go around a New York man, Avi Koschitzki, filed a 23 page lawsuit stating the iPhone is not "twice as fast" as the original and exhibits cracks in the housing of the phone.


blockquote>Koschitzki is among several customers who've noticed hairline cracks form in the iPhone 3G's casing at or around the camera module, and adds that some customers have noticed similar cracks immediately upon opening their new iPhones' boxes for the first time.

Upon opening their new boxes for the first time? Gee... don't you think if you bought a new iPhone 3G and you opened up that box only to see some cracks in the housing that you would say hey, wait a minute! Common sense if you ask me.

There is a ongoing thread in our forums regarding cracks in the iPhone 3G casing. Sorry but I still think people need to take better care of their iPhones. And I'm sure for some people it is a legitimate issue, but more than likely, most of the cases are cracking from abuse.

[Via Appleinsider]