In one of the most remarkable inside-media interviews in recent memory, CNBC's Jim Cramer sat down with the Daily Show's Jon Stewart, and was made manifest for his network and industry's failures (according to Stewart) to properly fulfill their mandate as the 5th estate and pillar of democratic systems, and expose for their audiences the lies and deceptions that those in positions of power would perpetrate on them (and us).

What does this have to do with Apple and the iPhone, however? In one of the clips shown from 2006, Cramer specifically mentions how it is "very important" to "spread the rumor" that both AT&T and Verizon don't like the iPhone, and that it wouldn't be ready by Macworld.

Why? We're not financial wizards by any stretch of the imagination, but it sounds like it was to manipulate Apple's stock down. Given the rumors that did, and still do surround Apple, Steve Jobs, the iPhone, and technology in general, this really just affirms what most of us have likely long suspected.

US readers can catch it via the Daily Show website. Canadians can watch it on If you have a link to other regions/locations for the video, please do drop them in the comments. And maybe we can all keep in mind just how some rumors come to be, especially as we approach iPhone OS 3.0 and hardware 2,1.