rumored direct movie download screenshot

Unsubstantiated rumor? Check. First time source? Check. Friend who wants to remain nameless? Check. That's it then it's crazy iPhone screenshot time!

The above come from Kwame Jones via Ars Technica and while I'm perfectly willing to believe Apple would extend their on-device music and podcast (including video podcast) download service to include movies and TV shows, and that we'd get early warning by way of leaked screenshots, I just can't bring myself to believe this part of the story:

This revelation, (again at least to me) comes by way of an advertisement in the new ad supported version of the app Twitterfon released on 5/15/09. Three ads, stumbled upon by a geeky friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of the powerful arms of the Apple legal department, scrolling across the top of the app were for ‘iTunes Movies’, ‘iTunes TV’ and ‘iTunes Movie Rentals’.

Could Apple accidentally post content pre-official release? Sure, happens to everyone. But to advertise it through a network placement pre-release? Not since Steve Jobs walked the MobileMe hallways with a flamethrower, I'd wager.

If the service is for real, AT&T would no doubt impose the usual 10MB cap on 3G downloads, though Wi-Fi would work. 3G streaming, like with SlingPlayer Mobile, might just bring the network down like the towers of paper antenna it's thus far proven to be.

Ifs, ands, and buts, aside, would you want on-device downloads for your TV and movies?