Realmac Software — the developer behind apps like Clear and Ember — has launched Typed, a Markdown editor designed for OS X Yosemite. Featuring a minimalistic UI with licensed fonts, a distraction-free writing mode, word and character counts, auto save support and extensive keyboard shortcuts, Typed aims to be the most feature-rich Markdown text editor available for the Mac.

Here's what you'll be getting with Typed:

  • Minimal UI
  • Stunning typography - Typed features a selection of great typefaces, including the app's signature style that clearly differentiates headers from regular text.
  • Responsive layout - Typed scales the size of text to fit your window size.
  • Zen Mode - Zen mode takes Full Screen to the next level, with six calming zen soundtracks available to play in the background to aid your focus.
  • Live character and word count
  • HTML Preview
  • Auto Save support
  • Full Screen Support
  • HTML, RTF and PDF (via print) Export
  • Intelligent cursor placement when adding links and formatting content
  • Full complement of keyboard shortcuts

When in Zen mode, the text editor automatically enters full-screen mode and starts playing one of the six background tracks. You can choose a track as default from the Zen menu, or switch off the feature altogether.

Typed is available from Realmac Software's website for $19.99 or try it free first for 7 days.