The Cregle iPen promises to become the first ever active stylus available for the iPad. The project has just received Kickstarter funding blowing its required $35,000 goal with pledges totalling a massive $162,000. The iPen is totally different to any iPad stylus available today.

The Cregle iPen transforms the iPad into a content creation device, not just a content consumption device. iPen is the first active digitizer stylus that allows you to write with precision directly on the iPad. Unlike the passive digitizer used in the typical iPad stylus, iPen writes like a real pen with accurate positioning and palm rejection features that passive products simply cannot achieve. With the Cregle iPen’s active digitizer, the attached receiver picks up the iPen’s signal and its precise position as it hovers above the screen. This crucial advantage allows iPen to actively transmit 60 samples per second to pinpoint the pen’s exact location.

The iPen has now received funding and should go into production early next year. In order to use the iPen, apps will need to include code to support it. Some apps have already decided to support iPen such as PDF-Notes, Procreate, Ghost Writer notes and a few others. We expect this to increase dramatically especially as the iPen will be under Apple’s own MFi (Made for iPad) program. The iPen should retail for around $89 when it eventually hits store shelves.

Cregle is also working on iPen 2 which promises to support pressure sensitive features. This would allow a user to alter the thickness of lines by pressing harder or softer on the screen with the iPen; now that would be a huge development should it prove possible.

Source: Kickstarter