Crystal ad blocker will soon let some 'acceptable' ads through by default

That new ad blocking app you just downloaded may soon be allowing some ads through. Crystal, a content blocker and currently the top paid app in the App Store, will soon allow some ads through to users. This comes about as part of a deal with Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus, to allow certain "acceptable" ads will be shown to users.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Murphy said he has taken Eyeo up on its offer, and plans to implement an option within his app whereby "acceptable" ads will be displayed to users. The feature will be switched on by default, Mr. Murphy said, and he will receive a flat monthly fee from Eyeo in return. Mr. Murphy declined to disclose the fee, but said he expects to make less money from Eyeo's payments than from sales of the app itself.

Here's what Crystal developer Dean Murphy had to say on the subject:

"Given how popular Crystal has become, it doesn't provide any way for users to support publishers," he said. "I decided that's a good feature to provide, and from what I've seen the 'acceptable ads' policy doesn't let through what I'd classify as bad ads."

Though the feature will be on by default, users will be able to opt-out. Presumably, Crystal will use Eyeo's whitelists for ads, though Eyeo doesn't publicize which companies are on those lists. They are, however, said to include both Google and Microsoft.

Source: The Wall Street Journal