Vicki Murley, former Safari Technology Evangelist at Apple, has released her second book — CSS Animations. It's a follow up to CSS Transforms, but goes even further in making the dynamic web understandable though something that's closer akin to an interactive learning experience than traditional book. Here's what's in CSS Animations:

This book covers both CSS Transitions and CSS Animations, with interactive examples along the way that illustrate key concepts, illuminate details, and solidify understanding. You'll see how to define simple transitions in just a few lines of code, how to create complex animations by defining explicit keyframes, and you'll discover the best and most useful ways to integrate JavaScript. "CSS Animation: An Interactive Guide" also touches on the history of this technology, browser support, and web standards in general. Whether you're a relative beginner or a more experienced web programmer, you'll learn something new from this highly interactive book, and develop a complete understanding of the technology.

A lot of the core technologies we now enjoy on the web came from Apple's WebKit and Safari teams and it was Murley's job to get people using those technologies. That required an incredible blend of in-depth knowledge and communications skills. Both those gifts come through clearly in her books.

You can get CSS Animations on iBooks now, and for one day only (well, about another 6 hours!) you can get CSS Transforms on super sale as well. Check both out. You, and visitors to your websites and webapps will be glad you did.

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