Dieter's on the floor at CTIA, and we're hoping he'll bring back a closer look, but in the meantime the fine folks at QuickOffice have just let us know that their new iPhone app, QuickOffice for iPhone will be available in the next few weeks, and will cost $19.99.

Quickoffice for iPhone has an intuitive user interface and supports comprehensive functionality including cut, copy and paste, font formatting, content selection and bullets within Word documents. Users can also leverage a wider keyboard to edit and create documents in landscape mode. Excel functionality includes extensive mathematical and statistical formulas.

Other useful features include file sharing capabilities via Wi-Fi desktop connectivity and access to one's MobileMe iDisk account. Editing is done with maintaining perfect data integrity, in addition to 'auto-save' to ensure none of your work is lost on-the-go.

We're guessing "next few weeks" means they'll be using a custom-made cut/copy paste implementation under iPhone 2.x, which means we're also guess there'll be a new version come iPhone 3.0 launch this "summer".

There have been other apps offering Excel editing in the paste, but Word editing is new for the iPhone (unless DocsToGo gets there first). Is it enough to get you over your document hurdle, or are there any power users still hungering for more?