Dieter managed to score an awesome video walkthrough of the Palm Pre's app launching functionality and a look at some of the apps themselves. We've joked about how the Palm Pre, supervised by the guy who helped build the iPhone, developed by engineers who helped program the iPhone, felt more like a branch of the iPhone sometimes than a linear descendant of PalmOS.

Turns out we were wrong. To be joking. You swipe horizontally to switch Home Screens, just like the iPhone (though you can scroll down vertically as well to jam more apps on each screen). You hold your finger down and then move to reposition apps, just like the iPhone (though they don't do the jiggle dance). They even seem to be a little bit laggy and slow to launch at times, just like iPhone 2.0 was! (Though these are widgets, not native apps, so that's really more of a concern at this point).

Also announced today was something that sounds an awful lot like Push Notification Services for the Pre.

Palm, I love ya. I had PDA's going back to the Visor, smartphones going back to the 600. You left me, I didn't leave you, remember? So now I found a new phone, and seriously, dressing up just like it isn't the way to win me back. You gotta be yourself, the new you not a new version of it.

Don't get me wrong, I really dig your Synergy, that touchstone charger, and that awesome alert system. Gold. But Apple didn't make that first big iPhone splash by holding up something that worked like a BlackBerry or a Treo. They didn't show off a Nokia-style experience. They made something new and instantly iconic. Copying the iPhone's UI and interactions to this degree isn't recognizing that Apple nailed the multi-touch paradigm for all time. It's not surrendering the default behavior. It's just copying Apple's experience when you should be creating the next generation Palm experience.

Maybe you should have stuck with Palm leadership, engineers, and innovation?