Even with all of the negative things said about AT&T, people still love Apple's iPhone. According to a new report from ChangeWave, customers are still leaving their current cell carrier to flock to AT&T's network just to purchase an iPhone.

According to this report, within the next 6 months 13% of the people polled are looking to bail out on their current carrier and 33% of those people said they will be headed to AT&T for an iPhone. These numbers are the highest since this question was first asked back in 2005. As for AT&T's competition, namely Verizon, 24% will be going in that direction.

If you'd like to take it one step further you will find out that current AT&T customers are less likely to ditch the Evil Empire compared to 11% ready to leave Verizon. Now for all of you Verizon fans, they did beat out AT&T in terms of the quality of service customers are getting from the carrier. 50% of Verizon customers reported they were "very satisfied" while AT&T was tied with the likes of T-Mobile and Sprint at 31%.

This just emphasizes exactly how important it is that AT&T keep the iPhone out of Verizon customer hands.

[Via AppleInsider via ChangeWave]