Customize amazing Retina wallpapers with 2048px's new Homescreen FX

If you've ever loved, loved, loved an amazing Retina-quality wallpaper you found online -- except for one tiny little thing! -- 2048px has figured out way to help you. They've taken their carefully curated selection of some of the best wallpapers from around the web, and added a new tool called Homescreen FX so you can customize them right on your iPad.

Polished tools allow you to add textures and effects to any 2048pixels wallpaper and watch your creation evolve in real-time. Best of all, 2048pixels 2.0 and its amazing new Homescreen FX are engineered down to their core to feel like a native app in Mobile Safari on your new iPad. After you tap and swipe to customize the perfect wallpaper, just one tap will instantly download your personalized work of art.

So, basically, you can browse their collection, pick a wallpaper you like, and then you can hit the FX controls at the top left. You can pixelate or add blur, and texturize with lines, grids, or grains. Then you can apply the finished wallpaper straight to your iPad.

2048px is a straightforward tool that simplifies the sometimes complicated task of customizing the look of iPad. And it does it with style. Check it out.

Source: 2048px